Walks & Socialisation

Group sizes are limited to ensure the walker has full control of their pack, and to avoid overwhelming the dogs. Bookings are essential for the group walks to allow dogs to establish their place in the group, become familiar with the other dogs, and form and maintain positive relationships. This allows the dogs to bring out the best in each other and guarantees that they will see their friends regularly.



By matching the energy levels and temperaments of the dogs, regardless of size, breed and age, compatibility among the pack results in a stress free experience for the walker and the dogs. This allows young dogs to learn from the older dogs while still getting the exercise they need.


​Dogs are collected from your home or work, taken on a mountain walk (unless otherwise requested) and returned happy and tired.

We also offer special rates for pensioners and disabled pet owners who aren't able to take their furry friends out for walks.


*Walk duration may vary depending on weather conditions (45 - 60 mins)


*Pricing subject to an assessment.

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