About Us

Established in 2015, Cloud Canine focuses on giving dogs the best lives possible. Through continuous socialization, stimulation and exercise we help turn good dogs into great canine citizens.


Fast-paced modern living may not leave you enough time or energy to give your dog the exercise and stimulation it needs. We emphasize basic training and obedience on our walks, with a focus on socialization – all through positive reinforcement.


All dogs love the outdoors. The sights, sounds and smells ensure happy, healthy and well-exercised hounds. It is an integral part of their development and well-being from puppyhood to balanced adulthood.


​We’ll pick them up from work or home and take them on a park, beach or adventure -one-on-one, or with a suitable pack.


​Our team of walkers are experienced, with a keen interest in dog behaviour, giving your beloved pets so much more than just a walk in the park. 


We also offer overnight house and pet sitting, and daycare at your place or ours (space is limited).